The Bootlegger Bead

The Bootlegger will have an early release with a Gearheads only version. Set to release in the next week.

.925 Slickter with proper moustache and Slim beard with a Copper bowler style hat.

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5 Comments to “The Bootlegger Bead”

  1. David Alves says:

    Hi Ryk. Really cool Bootlegger. As a USN member now(Deadpool692), how do i get the opportunity to get a Gearhead? Or versions thereof. Monkey Nation? Shows? Please help. Thanks, Dave. Take Care

  2. Brian Weddle says:

    Ryk, WOW this design is taking it to another level of cool! I can always count on you to have completely unique ideas for new S-gear. Fingers are crossed for a gearhead to come into my sights. Merry Christmas to the whole crew!

  3. Bruiser (USN) says:

    Looks fantastic Ryk! Can’t wait to get my SGH version!

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