Strider Knives

Strider Knives, Inc., is a California Based, veteran owned manufacturing organization specializing in the production of edged tools for use in the most demanding of environments.

Upon the foundation of our organization in 1992, we established a motto… “HIGH SPEED TOOLS FOR HARDCORE INDIVIDUALS” and this motto has stuck with us to the current date.

In 2002 we developed a model policy for manufacturing and have shared it at most every seminar, show, speaking engagement and email request since. It is our way of ensuring both the customer and ourselves that we are applying all that science has to offer to equip our users with the greatest margin for success when at use with our product.

In 2006 we added one more short slogan that clearly identifies our mindset…
“Simplicity by design, overkill by construction.”

Strider Knives, Inc., has established itself as an innovator in material sciences and is well known to commonly develop and implement new materials.

With our combination of dedicated personnel, our proven design team, the use of the very highest quality and most applicable materials, along with modern equipment, we are poised for our entry into a third decade of business commencing in 2012.

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