Monkey Edge




Brady, our main man at Monkey Depot, Sells all kinds of cool stuff including Knives, Beads, T-shirts and other fun shit from Starlingear, Strider, Lenslight, Greg Everett and Hide Nakayama.

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Monkey Edge is the edged tools and gear division of Monkey Depot LLC and was established in 2010. Monkey Depot has been in business and serving customers worldwide since 1999.  As the knives and gear division of the business grew, we came to the conclusion that our customers would be better served by a separate website wholly devoted to the knives and gear and therefore Monkey Edge was created in order to better focus on knives and gear.

We carry only the finest in knives and gear. Gear that is has been tested the world over in some of the hardest use environments. We are also proud to carry knives from some of the world's finest makers that exhibit a high level of both old world craftsmanship with high tech materials and techniques. 

We take our business and service seriously and look forward to providing you the world's finest gear with our superior service. While most of our business is online, we do maintain a brick and mortar showroom that is open 6 days a week. replica bags replica handbags replica bags hermes replica hermes replica hermes replica goyard replica replica handbags replica handbags hermes replica replica handbags replica bags replica handbags replica hermes replica hermes replica hermes replica goyard replica bags replica bags replica hermes replica handbags