Long wallet inside

2013  Long wallets. Cape Buffalo, Snake, Wildabeest, Lizard, Gator Belly. A True Statement.

tak brace3

Custom Slickster Bracelet W/ 18k Gold Flowers and Takeuchi Engraving


knife gasser3

2013 Gasser Strider Knife . Starlingear / Strider Collab. Released  at New Jersey Knife Show.

Tokyo Showroom 10

This is my  Rendition of the Malibu Showroom that we recently opened in Tokyo.


Stainless :Takeuchi Eng. 3:4
Takeuchi Engraved Stainless Stealth Puncher with 18K Engraved Fill


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Bruiser Reaper Marble
.925 Marble bale with 2013 Bruiser Reaper face fumed in Silver.
Gasser 2013 Puncher Ring

.925 Gasser Puncher Ring with Brass S-Gear Filters. Copper Filters Available to Gearheads ONLY.

tengu slvr-1

Tengu Puncher Rings For Release in January 2014

Vintage line vibe shot

Vintage Line – Pyrite / Gears & Black Spinal / Gears Bracelets